Improve global health
from day 1

Monitor, diagnose, prevent

Gabi SmartCare is on a mission
to transform pediatric care

We want to empower healthcare professionals, researchers, and families to give children the better care they deserve.
80% of parents struggle to objectively report their children’s symptoms to their physician. This lack of reliable data may lead to delayed diagnoses, high hospitalization rates, and, ultimately, lifelong health issues.

At Gabi SmartCare, we believe there is another way.

We believe in personalized, predictive care. We believe in a better care for premature babies, children with asthma, youth with infectious diseases... We believe that children should not stay in hospitals if they can be properly monitored and cared for at home.

Remote and connected

User-friendly, efficient, reliable
Patent-pending technology
AI-powered medical interpretation
Real-time analytics
ISO 13485 certified

Gabi Analytics

Our AI-powered, cloud-based Gabi platform processes and structures collected data, detects health events, and gives healthcare professionals a real-time, personalized and predictive health assessment report. The Gabi Analytics dashboard is developed by physicians for physicians.

Current features: real-time access, data history.
Features in development: events detection, diagnosis, and prediction.

Gabi Band

Tiny and light, the Gabi Baby Band is specifically designed for children, including premature babies. Our wearable device is easily fastened to the child’s upper arm and collects their main vital signs.

Current features: blood oxygen level, pulse rate and pulse rate variability, interbeat interval, skin temperature, and worn/not worn time.
Features in development: respiratory rate, actigraphy, skin auto-calibration, and sleep phases.

Gabi Monitor App

The Gabi Baby App acts as the “go-between” between healthcare professionals and families. It sends notifications based on a customized alert protocol and allows parents to share additional information with their physician, such as eating or sleeping patterns. 

Current features: real-time visualization, real-time notification alerts, data history.
Features in development: data sharing authorization.

Interested in our R&D?


We are a proud member of BLUE KNIGHT™, a joint initiative between BARDA (a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) and Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS. We also partner with leading hospitals, including the Children’s National Hospital in the United States, and HUDERF and ISPPC CHU de Charleroi in Belgium, and with renowned pharmaceutical companies.