Protecting your child

Gabi SmartCare combines the most advanced medical wearable technologies and predictive digital analytics to enable early detection and recovery surveillance of respiratory condition.

Follow patients’ vital parameters

The medical grade wearable monitors the patient’s vital parameters to accurately follow the respiratory condition.

Assess respiratory condition

The data collected are processed by algorithms detecting abnormal respiratory events and enabling early detection of respiratory issues.

Unique data for healthcare professionals

Gabi provides doctors with unique data enabling to early diagnose, analyse treatment efficiency and anticipate complications.

Our team

Jonathan Baut

CEO & Co-founder

Edouard Carton

COO & Founder

Thomas Hayen

Senior Backend Engineer

Olivier Bourdoux

Mobile & Front End Engineer

Minh Huy Huynh

AI project manager

Nicolas Delvaux


Olivier Staquet

AI Advisor

Olivier Coune

Board member

Julien Penders

Strategy advisor

Olivier Delporte

Strategy advisor

Kyun Thibaut

Regulatory Affairs advisor

Noura Soltana

Medical Advisor